Monday, November 1, 2010

What I’ll be doing in Buenos Aires

I just got back from a week in NYC training for my next adventure. I’m staying with my 2010 theme of international education in that I am setting up and teaching an SAT prep program. Through the Princeton Fellowship, I will be working for The Edge in College Preparation. With offices already in the US, UK and Brazil, two of us are taking SAT prep to Argentina – that’s right, I’m not going alone this time, which is probably why I haven’t really been stressed at all.

So to break this down: everyone that wants to go to college in the US has to take the SATs. First, there are many international schools in Buenos Aires with American students, so they, obviously, would be interested in SAT prep. However, it’s not just Nora teaching American students. The Edge has amazing scholarship opportunities for lower-income schools, so I will also be teaching all types of students. It’s not just SAT prep: it’s admission counseling, scholarship assessment, essay reviews, etc. It’s also not just teaching, it’s selling the program too. Essentially, this is the ultimate test of my PR skills. Racepoint, I hope you have taught me well.

I have A LOT to do when I get down there. I also cannot wait because first, I get to live in BA. I know, right. Second, my boss is great (she founded this international company before 30, bad do you feel about yourself?) and trusts us to build an SAT empire in Buenos Aires. Third, I’m back to working one-on-one with students, which you know what? I really enjoy. Fourth, this blog can be sustained.

I leave in exactly one week from today! I’m off to Buffalo tomorrow morning, so say your virtual goodbyes now!

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  1. Last year I rent apartment Buenos Aires because I was an English teacher in the city! It was such a great experience!