Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mi novia, Mi amor, Mi vida!!!

Every. Single. Day.

Walking around in BsAs as a tall, pale, freckled, blue-eyed woman is challenging. I stand out. I can't seem to blend in with the crowd, especially on public transport, and especially when I start to speak. Therefore, I attract a lot of unwanted attention.

I don't stand out like this:

But I do stand out like this:

(that's your mom..just kidding, it's mine)

In Argentina cat-calling is akin to Italy: Men do it and it's accepted. Sometimes it's just an air kiss, sometimes it's simply a whistle, but other times it's an all out continual yell. I try to avoid certain areas, no offense to the construction men reading this, but eff yeah, construction sites. If I feel an uncomfortable situation coming on, sometimes I cross the street to avoid it.

Typical cat-calls are (in English): My love!; My girlfriend!; You are so beautiful!; Hey gringa!

Atypical cat-calls are (in English): (Men unloading a coca-cola truck) You are so beautiful, if you were with me, I'd give you coca-cola everyday!; Will you marry me?; Your eyes light up my day

The latter, of course, are appreciated and can really make a bad day a bit better. The former, however, are unoriginal and simply embarrassing for both parties. Get a grip and come up with a better line because this gringa has heard it all, jerk.