About Me

I’m a travel addict – I will go anywhere, anytime.  When I get something in my head, I will make it happen - which is what led me to live in Australia, Rwanda and now Argentina.
I love to write, and I have a pretty distinct style, so hopefully you like it.  I’m not afraid to tell you my honest thoughts about things that happen to me while I’m abroad.  I very freely speak my feminist, liberal, Obama-loving mind, so hopefully you like that too.  Did I just put myself in a box?

Ironically enough, I hate the winter, though I’m originally from Buffalo, NY.  So it's ideal that I'm flying south for the winter months.  I'm excited to experience Argentinian culture for the next year, o mas!  Anyone is welcome to visit me wherever I am, so go ahead, book that flight.

Look at me trekking with my backpack