Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Roommate

I know I’ve been terrible about blogging about Argentine life, but it’s because I’m living it (anyone? No? Understood). But just to give you an idea of my life here, I wanted to write a quick post about my roommate. I have a fantastic apartment in Palermo (pictures on facebook), and I live with one other person. Who is that lucky lad? Him:

You're welcome.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kissing in the Workplace

I’m sure you are all wondering what this post is about. So in different cultures there are different customs. And in Argentina, it is customary to kiss someone once on the cheek when you see them. I’m totally fine with kissing my friends when we see each other, but then you kiss on the cheek goodbye too. You also kiss people that you are introduced to (friends of friends), and really, anyone you sort of know. Again, fine with all of this.

Recently, however, I started teaching English at another company, as I’m beyond broke. They were beyond desperate because they hired me on the spot. Seriously, I can PR myself anywhere. So I started the next day. Cut to the next day: In walks my male boss. And, you guessed it - he kisses me on the check. Little project: everyone imagine walking into work on Monday and kissing your boss. This is even more understood if you are female and he is male (glass ceiling, I know). It’s weird! It’s just weird. And, of course, we had to kiss goodbye as well. Now what makes me so giggly about all of it is that every time it happens (twice a day Mon-Fri), I picture this custom in the US. Specifically with my former male boss and it makes me laugh.

But no, it’s totally normal here. Sidenote: our neighbors just came over to see our kitchen (or something, it was all in Spanish), and I kissed the man too. I guess the handshake just never really caught on here…

Monday, November 29, 2010

Notable Spanish Mishap 2

Yesterday I walked in a construction zone. And by in, I literally mean through. I was walking to pick up a Brita that I convinced a girl online to sell me (she said I sounded like I wanted it the most), and all of a sudden I was walking on non-sidewalk. I thought to myself, well hello 3rd world, as I’ve been waiting to see why Argentina was labeled as such. I sort of weaved through gravel and dirt for a block, before realizing: I am in a construction zone. There may or may not have been a machine there. I looked to the left and there it was: That construction tape that bars you from walking inside the area. I was on the wrong side of the tape.

Seriously. I need better Spanish.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Good, The Bad: Argentina so far

These are my top favorite and least favorite things about Buenos Aires so far.

The Bad

5. Nobody taught me the different way to pronounce the double L. So..thanks Spanish teachers. You say: Sho soy de los Estados Unidos. Es muy dificil.

4. There’s a show called “Ugly Americans”. It’s not even Los Americanos feos; it’s literally called “Ugly Americans”. It’s also in Spanish and a cartoon.

3. My elevator is so f*ing loud, I can hear it through the walls at all hours. What up with that?

2. And whats is up with all of this ham?? Jamon this, jamon that. Jamon, Jamon, Jamon!

1. What takes the numero uno spot? LOS FUMADORES. It’s “illegal” to smoke in bars and clubs, but people still do. Every time I get home from going out, I hang my clothes in this outside are to attempt to rid them of the horrible smell. Also fire hazard much?

The Good

5. I have a TV channel ‘Animax’ that shows old episodes of 90210 (the REAL 90210) all the time. Also fan favorites on said channel are: Celebrity Deathmatch AND Clueless, the TV show.

4. Sugar in the pop! Yes I saw pop and yes candy feigns it’s REAL sugar. I really only drink pop abroad; I have a very refined palate.

3. Late hours: get up not early, stay up late, livin the vida. But not this week, I have espanol class at 8:30am. I said am.

2. Empanadas: soon to be my downfall.

1. It’s SUMMER and WARM! Enjoy winter, suckers. While I won’t be sporting a tan, I may try to get a nice little sunburn before Christmas.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Notable Spanish Mishap 1

Since I do not know the language perfectly, I’m clearly going to have some awkward mishaps. Why keep them to myself? This was the first, of many.

The scene: getting coffee (to go!) at a place down the street, where I’ve already been to 5 times.

What was Said:
Coffee Barista: ¿quieres azúcar en el café?
Nora: No, gracias.

Nora: Oh, si, quiero azúcar, pero yo toque y luego..umm yo toque

What I meant to say:

Coffee Barista: Do you want sugar in the coffee?
Nora: No thanks.
Nora: Oh yes, I want it but I’ll take it and put it in later.

What was Heard:
Coffee Barista: Do you want sugar in the coffee?
Nora: No thanks.
Nora: Oh yes, I want sugar, but I touch and later…umm I touch

Yes, they all laughed.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Have a Home

I have so many posts to write, so I’ll start with finding an apartment, which I did – shoop! I am living in Palermo, which is a great neighborhood in Buenos Aires. My friend and I scored an amazing deal on the 18th floor of an apartment building. All those afraid of elevators: rethink your trip, because I have to take it and it’s a little scary. It’s one of those ones that you have to close with a gate and drops suddenly. But eh, I’m getting used to it.

It’s a two-bedroom with a living room area and small kitchen. There’s a small outside-ish area where we can wash our clothes, but so far all I’ve used it for is to air out my clothes, because, sigh, you can smoke in bars/restaurants. Anyway, I love it – it’s clean, nice and has cable. I may or may not have watched a Teen Mom Season 1 marathon on MTV on Sunday. May or may not. I get a bunch of channels that are sometimes dubbed, sometimes not – so it’s not too reliable, but come on now, this American needs some entertainment for a year.

There are a lot of restaurants, stores, etc nearby and it’s close to a metro, which I have learned to ride. I have also fallen over in the metro station, so that’s great too. Huge bruise. Anyway, I will be better at blogging, but so far BA is great!