Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Throwback: Budapest, Hungary

Yes I realize these should be called Thursday Throwback or Friday Flashback. Get over it, move on, I have.

This week, though I’m IN Buenos Aires (!!!) brings us to Budabest, Hungary. Pronounced Budapesht (yes, it is as annoying as you’d think), this capital city was the first stop on Nora and Mom’s adventure through Eastern Europe. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Europe – yes it’s utterly fantastic and the US needs to take plenty of lessons, but I prefer going to places that are completely different than my normal world - and now you better understand my thought process behind moving to Africa. However, for those of you know know my mother, you know she is not the Africa type, so off to Eastern Europe we went.

I actually liked Budapest, but I got really really sick from the food (I know, IN EUROPE!). At that time I think I was eating very healthy, so once I had the fatty/lardy food for 3 meals, I got so sick I couldn’t eat anything, somehow finding gatorade and downing tea. I have no self control and really like digging into local cuisine, but Nora know your limits. On to the sites! The Parliament was so beautiful:

I actually bought a little hand-drawing of this that is now sitting somewhere in Buffalo, but it will be hung once I actually stay in a home longer than six months. It was interesting to walk the city, as it resembled European cities, but definitely had that post-Soviet Union feel. You could just tell that at one time, the color gray ruled this country. There are many post-Soviet museums to visit that describe how the country survived through that tough time, which was not so long ago. I recommend Hungary, but maybe when it’s a bit warmer, I hate lugging around sweaters and jackets!

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