Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life as I Know It

So recently I’ve gotten a surge of “how is life there?” questions, but it’s sort of hard to answer that since life here is not that new and exciting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s summer here, so I’m not battling my usual seasonal depression. But, I’ve settled into somewhat of a routine that sort of lacks a wild and craziness that one might expect from living in Argentina.

The major difference is my day is completely shifted time-wise. I do not get up at 7am, shuffle off to work, eat lunch at 1pm, dinner by 6pm, etc. Here, I don’t see 7am (unless it was a particularly fun boliche night). Everything is shifted, which will be interesting to experience when my parents arrive.

I have a couple of jobs in addition to my fellowship, one which I recently quit since I’m pretty sure they were laundering money or something very sketchy. But, I don’t have an offer per se, so I’m left to my own accord, which means caf├ęs to get out of my apartment. Weekends are spent out with friends, or staying in watching a movie, so really, I could be anywhere.

OMG this blog post, and seemingly my life, is so boring I’m contemplating deleting the entire thing. But, since I have nothing else lined up to post, you must suffer through. As a consolation prize for sticking with me, enjoy this picture of the beautiful Argentine sunset. I will spice up my blog (and my life) soon!

Monday, February 7, 2011

You're So Vain

You probably think this post is about you.

I follow GrouponBA on twitter (whoa, whoa too much?). I'll start over. GrouponBA, like Groupon, has discounted coupons that numerous people buy, hence the company agreeing to the discount. They have a twitter handle (you know twitter, come on now), that I follow.

GrouponDC was fantastic, for the most part. Discounted tours, culture, of course there were hair salons, etc. But GrouponBA is a whole new game. The majority of the coupons are for something to do with vanity.

Most BA Groupons consist of:
  • Hair removal
  • Botox
  • Lipo
  • Salons
  • Facial treatments
  • Exercise classes
  • Natural Food
  • Teeth whitening
DC had those once in a while, and I know I know, that sort of thing is almost wasted on that town, but really BA, stop giving me a complex! I mean really.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Notable Spanish Mishap 3

I know, I know don't deserve any readers; I haven't blogged since January 11th! What have you all been doing?? Well, I realized why I'm a terrible writer here - I have TV in Argentina and Internet at my house. Not having that in Rwanda forced me to do something...which became writing. Anyway, to make it up to you, here is another notable spanish mishap. Thankfully I didn't say this one; I merely stood by giggling as it happened.

The scene: Kentucky (seriously), a local pizza place that has amazing hours, aka is almost always open (and for the girl who recently had her cab driver go all around BsAs searching for an open McDonalds at 1am, it will suffice). My friend, who you should all know by now, and I are getting home from a night out so naturally decide to stop in for pizza. Hilarity insues...

What was said:
J: dos piezas de mozerella y dos empanadas por favor
Kentucky Staff: algo mas?
J: No, pero no frio las empanadas
KS: (weird look)
J: Quiero calliente no fria
J: (reinforcing) Quiero las empanadas callientes y no frias!

What he meant to say:
J: Two pieces of mozerella and two empanadas please
KS: anything else?
J: no, but don't fry the empanadas (to heat them up)
KS: (weird look)
J: I want them hot but not fried
J: (reinfocing) I want them hot and not fried!

What was Heard:
J: Two pieces of mozerella and two empandas please
KS: anything else?
J: no but don't cool the empanadas
KS: (weird look)
J: I want them hot but not cold
J: (reinforcing) I want them hot and not cold!