Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Good, The Bad: Argentina so far

These are my top favorite and least favorite things about Buenos Aires so far.

The Bad

5. Nobody taught me the different way to pronounce the double L. So..thanks Spanish teachers. You say: Sho soy de los Estados Unidos. Es muy dificil.

4. There’s a show called “Ugly Americans”. It’s not even Los Americanos feos; it’s literally called “Ugly Americans”. It’s also in Spanish and a cartoon.

3. My elevator is so f*ing loud, I can hear it through the walls at all hours. What up with that?

2. And whats is up with all of this ham?? Jamon this, jamon that. Jamon, Jamon, Jamon!

1. What takes the numero uno spot? LOS FUMADORES. It’s “illegal” to smoke in bars and clubs, but people still do. Every time I get home from going out, I hang my clothes in this outside are to attempt to rid them of the horrible smell. Also fire hazard much?

The Good

5. I have a TV channel ‘Animax’ that shows old episodes of 90210 (the REAL 90210) all the time. Also fan favorites on said channel are: Celebrity Deathmatch AND Clueless, the TV show.

4. Sugar in the pop! Yes I saw pop and yes candy feigns it’s REAL sugar. I really only drink pop abroad; I have a very refined palate.

3. Late hours: get up not early, stay up late, livin the vida. But not this week, I have espanol class at 8:30am. I said am.

2. Empanadas: soon to be my downfall.

1. It’s SUMMER and WARM! Enjoy winter, suckers. While I won’t be sporting a tan, I may try to get a nice little sunburn before Christmas.

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