Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mi novia, Mi amor, Mi vida!!!

Every. Single. Day.

Walking around in BsAs as a tall, pale, freckled, blue-eyed woman is challenging. I stand out. I can't seem to blend in with the crowd, especially on public transport, and especially when I start to speak. Therefore, I attract a lot of unwanted attention.

I don't stand out like this:

But I do stand out like this:

(that's your mom..just kidding, it's mine)

In Argentina cat-calling is akin to Italy: Men do it and it's accepted. Sometimes it's just an air kiss, sometimes it's simply a whistle, but other times it's an all out continual yell. I try to avoid certain areas, no offense to the construction men reading this, but eff yeah, construction sites. If I feel an uncomfortable situation coming on, sometimes I cross the street to avoid it.

Typical cat-calls are (in English): My love!; My girlfriend!; You are so beautiful!; Hey gringa!

Atypical cat-calls are (in English): (Men unloading a coca-cola truck) You are so beautiful, if you were with me, I'd give you coca-cola everyday!; Will you marry me?; Your eyes light up my day

The latter, of course, are appreciated and can really make a bad day a bit better. The former, however, are unoriginal and simply embarrassing for both parties. Get a grip and come up with a better line because this gringa has heard it all, jerk.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tackling the Amazon…with my Parents

Yepp, you read that right. The third, and final, part of Nora + Rents take on South America brought us to the infamous Amazon River. Now, as you can imagine, we were all tired at this point, but on we went because hey we’re Americans and vacation days are precious. So, we boarded our boat for our 3 day trip down the Amazon River.

Upon receiving our room assignments, I learned that my parents and I would be sharing one room. Not a big deal for an eight year old, but at 24, that is a bit much. What’s even more is that the room consisted of three single beds so close together it could be considered one big bed. Well. That. Is. Interesting. I thought.

As I laughed at the room arrangements, the captain happened to walk by and mention that the room across the hall was open if we wanted to have two rooms – and yes, yes we did. But I didn’t want to stay alone because 1. This was the beginning of a scary movie and 2. Yes, you know what I miss my mom. Ok, I said it. So into a “private suite” went my dad to brave the Amazon boat ride alone.

We relaxed on the boat, read a ton, somehow got addicted to orange pop a la 1995, and saw the sites of the Amazon! We went piranha fishing, where I discovered what a talented fisherwoman I was by catching the biggest fish in the boat! We also did a night tour of the river, which was REALLY scary. As I sweat in my rain jacket, I clung to my mom (once again) out of fear.

(I caught this)

After 3 days, we were ready to get off the boat. However, great food, a relaxing voyage and the thought of boarding another plane to come back to BsAs pulled me back on it. In the end, well worth the trip! For the animals, adventure and hilarious moments finding myself in the Amazon of Brazil with my parents, I thank you Amazon trip.

Want to get this look?

Neon blue breathable shirt: $30
Windbreaker (seen tired about the waist): little brother's
Life jacket: used, from boat captain
Travelers Pants: priceless
Model: beautiful.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Magical Land

I’ve mentioned the fantastic trip that I went on with my parents in April. We went to the falls, Rio and the Amazon. This post will discuss the magical land that is Rio de Janeiro. Even writing this post, I’m smiling and wishfully dreaming of being back there.

We went to Rio in the middle of the trip, and the first day did the sights (the Christ, Sugarloaf, a villa). Everywhere you looked, and I mean everywhere, there was an amazingly beautiful view! Everywhere! You can’t go anywhere and escape a beautiful landscape. It boggles my mind to think about how much crime and corruption the city has, because it is just so beautiful!
While enjoying breakfast outside, my dad, who speaks no Portuguese or Spanish, in all seriousness said, “What if we just bought a place here?!” Naturally, my mom and I giddy from the splendor ignored all things wrong with that thought and eagerly agreed.

Even through our tiredness (and stomach issues that plagued both my mom and me – TMI? Too bad.), we managed to thoroughly enjoy this city. The second day lying on the beach then on our balconies cemented in my mind how much I wish I spoke Portuguese so I could move there. Don’t test me.

A mere two days in this city was all it took to propel it into one of my top 3 favorite cities. I ended up being stranded in Sao Paulo for a day, but it paled in comparison to Rio. Really, you can’t beat mountains, city, beach.