Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Have a Home

I have so many posts to write, so I’ll start with finding an apartment, which I did – shoop! I am living in Palermo, which is a great neighborhood in Buenos Aires. My friend and I scored an amazing deal on the 18th floor of an apartment building. All those afraid of elevators: rethink your trip, because I have to take it and it’s a little scary. It’s one of those ones that you have to close with a gate and drops suddenly. But eh, I’m getting used to it.

It’s a two-bedroom with a living room area and small kitchen. There’s a small outside-ish area where we can wash our clothes, but so far all I’ve used it for is to air out my clothes, because, sigh, you can smoke in bars/restaurants. Anyway, I love it – it’s clean, nice and has cable. I may or may not have watched a Teen Mom Season 1 marathon on MTV on Sunday. May or may not. I get a bunch of channels that are sometimes dubbed, sometimes not – so it’s not too reliable, but come on now, this American needs some entertainment for a year.

There are a lot of restaurants, stores, etc nearby and it’s close to a metro, which I have learned to ride. I have also fallen over in the metro station, so that’s great too. Huge bruise. Anyway, I will be better at blogging, but so far BA is great!

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