Monday, April 18, 2011

Iguazu Falls

As most of my avid readers are my extended family, you already know that my parents came to visit me, and together we went on a Brazilian adventure. Our whole trip is going to be broken up into a series of blog posts. To begin with – Iguazu Falls.

I know. Wow. Apparently there are many different versions of this number, but there are around 270 different falls that make up all that is Iguazu. You can view the falls from the Argentine and Brazilian side, and we lucky did both. Don’t forget to get a visa for Brazil (leaving enough time to get it). We first did the Brazilian side, which has amazing views:

Then we went around to the Argentine side to see the devil’s throat:

Then we went back to the Brazilian side to take a boat ride under the falls. This boat ride puts the Maid of the Mist to shame. We sat in a raft and were taken literally under the falls. I couldn’t even breathe. I found myself screaming and holding my mom’s hand the entire time – a position I haven’t found myself in for years. It was fantastic, though I would recommend going on the Brazilian side. The day after we went under the falls, we were told that two Americans died doing the same thing on the Argentine side. Scary.

Iguazu Falls are fantastically beautiful and well worth a trip to see them!