Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Here!

My first impressions of Buenos Aires are pretty good! It’s a little colder than I’d like, but I know I know, I’m heading into summer. Anyway, here are things I noticed – enjoy!

1. Timing is completely different. You probably know this, but everything is later. As one of my guidebooks says, the earliest you can go to dinner is 8pm, the earliest to a bar is midnight and the earliest to a club is 2am. Going any earlier is “simply not cool” – their words, not mine. So after waiting until 8:30pm to get dinner, I realized they’re right! To remedy the situation I slept until noon today, because I mean who wants to be “simply not cool”.

2. Looks are very important. I come from DC, where…not to be rude…but looks are not important. Have you watched C-SPAN? I mean, really. In BA, however, it is “socially unacceptable” to be overweight (guidebook, not me), women are dressed up always and appearances are kept. I haven’t really experienced this to the fullest, and I honestly don’t think people are any better looking here than in NYC, but it’s only been a day.

3. I will be a lot better at Spanish when I return to the US. I just will.

Much more to come, but I haven’t been able to find an appropriate adapter, so my computer will die soon.


  1. Sang some Tracy Chapman to Zinnie today...thought of you. Miss you already!!!

    Your adoring sister, Marge.

  2. If you come to BA right now you'll see that it's too hot!!! 30°C in November!
    I'm going to Ecuador Galapagos tours to rest a little bit from the routine.