Thursday, July 29, 2010

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

After a two and a half month long – I don’t want to blog because I’m not in Rwanda anymore and not traveling sucks/where’s that donor that’s going to send me traveling again, sigh I guess I have to stay in the US for a while – hiatus, I’ve decided to rev this bad boy back up and discuss upcoming plans. If I knew how to make a poll I would, because today I want to discuss: should I travel or should I save? Recently, my friend asked me to go on a trip to Panama and Colombia. Don’t even mom, Colombia is fine. As you know, I will literally go anywhere, so naturally I began googling and planning this adventure in my head. Unfortunately, there are a couple of snags that I think I should point out:

1. I have one penny in my savings account. How did I get that one penny? PNC gave it to me when I opened the account. To no one’s surprise, it hasn’t accumulated any interest, so it’s not like I ever have the option to “break into my savings” when up against a wall. But isn’t spending the new saving?

2. I have limited vacation days. Well, when you take 3 months off you do not accumulate any vacation days. Then when you have to move, go to graduations, etc. those days dwindle. I’d practically have to work on Christmas if I went away for a week. But isn’t working on Christmas the new celebrating with your family?

3. I’m trying to do a week in Argentina. This one is a serious concern. I have a friend moving to BA, said friend highly contributed to naming the blog, and I want to spend a week there this fall or winter (ick, cold). So really, is Panama/Colombia the new Argentina?

On the pro:

1. I’m sick of being in this shanty town. Sidebar: I love Washington, DC, and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in the US. But, it’s the summer, everyone’s short, blah. I said that I would try not to leave the country for the rest of the year, but I made no promises, nothings in writing...don’t judge, you don’t know me.

2. I will hit my 6th out of 7 continents! South America, you’ve managed to avoid me thus far, but I knew it was only a matter of time before I William the conquered you. I speak Spanish too, so really? Why has Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, America taken precedence? Africa is obvious, and well I guess Australia was a 5 month long spring break so duh, and Asia is super cool, but Europe? Come on. Europe (and not even Spain)?? Sorry about that South America. Let me make my apologies in person.

3. Scholarships. You don’t think I’ll get a full scholarship to grad school? What, like it’s hard? I’m “saving for grad school”, but really? We’re talking $600 roundtrip flights? Whhaaaat?? I know. So I mean..that’ll pay for a semester of books. I do love school (I’m serious here if you’ve never actually met me), and I can’t wait to go back buuuut I mean…I have some time..ok this is actually an issue I’m now realizing.

4. Peer pressure. Let’s be honest, if my friends go on this trip that I’ve already planned in my head (so now I feel like it’s my trip) without me, I will plunge further into my wanderlust depression. And really, who wants that?

Oh welp, looks like it’s 4 to 3.