Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Throwback: Melbourne, Australia

While I was living in Sydney, my friends and I decided to take a trip to Melbourne to see more of the country. An hour plane ride later, we arrived in Melbourne, home of the Great Ocean Road. We had three days and two nights to quickly experience this thriving city, which is most certainly not enough time.

So first up: seeing a football game (it’s not American football, remember):

Note: we had special tickets so we had to dress up – I think I was in nice jeans, a nice top and cute jacket (it was coldish there). The reason I mention that is because it is in Melbourne where I stumbled on my first, and only, goth party. Google it. All the boys were in khakis and nice shirts, and, while we should have been tipped off by all the Led Zeppelin t-shirts we saw in line, we innocently went into the first bar we saw after the game. Well, if there weren’t great drink specials and we weren’t in the friendliest country in the world, we probably would have left. But it was interesting. I stood out, if you can believe that.

Next up, Great Ocean Road. We rented a van, literally a van, and off we went:

It was so incredibly beautiful. If I didn’t pass out on the way back, I’m sure it was just as great at night. Melbourne had a lot of energy, like Sydney, but a smaller feel.

Melbourne and Sydney have a big rivalry, and, not being Australian, I guess I can’t say which one is better. Melbourne was great to visit, and I would definitely go back again, but if someone gave me one plane ticket, Sydney would be the final destination.

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