Monday, October 18, 2010

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping on the Plane?

I am very lanky, very. I’m 5’8”-5’9” made up of pretty much only limbs, and I fly a lot – long, long flights. That’s right, fun fact about me: I like to travel. Anyway, sleeping on a plane is difficult for everyone: you’re cramped, tired, confused if you want to try the fish on a plane – the sides sound fantastic – or should you just go with the chicken? I don’t know?! Internal panic.

Here’s a little advice from me to you: get comfortable, get that blanket out, kick off your shoes, pop on a movie, adjust the pillow, lean back and…take a sleeping pill. Really. There is no way you’re getting any sleep on that 10-14 hour flight (where are you going?) – there’s a baby crying in the back, some little kids complaining next to you, you’re in that middle seat because you scored a great deal and someone is snoring behind you. You only have one choice: knock yourself out and pray that the flight attendant wakes you up for ice cream hour (seriously, Qantas has that).

Now I prefer something strong, but really any over-the-counter sleep inducing pill will do. But remember, you don’t find the sleeping pill, the sleeping pill finds you. Skip the wine pour though (seriously, Qantas has that too) – you’re not Lindsay Lohan, calm down. Fun fact about Lindsay: she and I have the exact same birthday (day and year), and that leads to another fun fact about me: I do not believe in astrology and the birthday book.

Alright then, did that help? Thought it might. Enjoy.

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