Wednesday, October 13, 2010

She's Explorin Again

After all it was a great big world

With lots of places to run to

I lasted six months, but really, aren’t you all getting tired of me talking about moving? How about I just go? Ok then. So where is this mystery place I’m dashing off to? And I am dashing; I leave in four weeks for a year. I have so much to do, but thankfully I can check off writing this post. Did I write this back in September prematurely? Obviously – I’ve been planning a massive move since I got back from Rwanda.

Alright, the big reveal (ha, I’ve told like 100 people already – oh, sad you’re not part of the 100? Well, maybe you should call me more.) – I’m moving to……

Buenos Aires, Argentina! I am now a Princeton in Latin America fellow (ohh fancy!), and I will be setting up and teaching SAT prep classes for students – more to come on that.

I don’t even know how I’d possibly get homesick since everyone and my mother wants to come visit me. My family gets first dibs on dates though, which I will promptly post so all you people who kind of know me, but don’t really know me, but really want to come to BA will know when to book.

I’m obviously more than excited, especially as I sit here with a cold. I wonder if I’ll see Mark Sanford. And don’t worry about my Spanish skills, I watched like seven episodes of Diego (Go Diego, Go!) while I was babysitting this weekend, so I’m good.

So if you want to see me before I flee, this is the plan:

Now – October 25th: DC

October 25th – October 29th: NYC (Training and such)

October 29th – November 1st: DC

November 2nd – November 8th: Buffalo

November 8th – when I’m 25 (ick): Buenos Aires, Argentina



  1. That's good Nora.go ahead exploring the whole world.I like it.

  2. How exciting, Nora! Congratulations!!!