Monday, March 8, 2010

Will Smith is Here

And he keeps wearing skirts. There’s a little boy at the orphanage that is seriously Will Smith’s secret son. They are identical, well if Will Smith was a 3-4 year old Rwandan orphan. What’s fantastic is that Will Smith has taken a liking to me, essentially making me famous by association. However, sometimes Will Smith can be bad. Some days he politely sits next to me, only requiring my hand to play with or my one arm around him; but other days Will Smith is very, very bad. He’s been known to bite other children in an attempt for me to only hold or play with him, push and punch. It’s extremely difficult to say oya (No) the only word I can really use with them, because he is so freakin cute. All I can think is WWJD: What Would Jada Do?

The best part is, lately Will Smith has been boldly crossing gender lines. Now some of the little boys have been in dresses (I swear it’s not me dressing them), but Will Smith has taken to skirts. Last Wednesday he was in a pink skirt and pink top - very Miami – and the week before that it was a casual red skirt with light white off the shoulder top. This is all well and fine by me, as I’m all about knocking down gender stereotypes. But yesterday, Will Smith had on green shorts and a red t-shirt (…Merry Christmas). What?! Has he crossed back to the stereotypical boy? Well, before I got too disappointed, I looked down and he was wearing hot pink oversized crocs. Thata boy.

I just really wish the real Will Smith knew about this, so that he could come here and adopt his son. No one would even guess he was adopted! I’ve typed Will Smith so many times in this blog post that wouldn’t it be great if Will Smith saw it? Does anyone know Will Smith?

I would love to include a picture, but the sisters do not allow anyone to take pictures of the kids, and I do not want to cross them. So, while trying to get Men in Black out of your head, you will all just have to imagine little Will Smith in drag.


  1. HAHAHA. Thanks for putting Welcome to Miami in my head. Miss you sissy, so glad you're coming home soon! Zinnifred misses you a lot.

  2. wow, seriously thought you had met will smith for at least the first paragraph. I really am pretty slow! I think my favorite part is the pink crocks and WWJD, that really is a good question to ask yourself. that's some style that will smith has.

    I'm so glad you are doing well, and don't worry, sticking out is a good thing! They just think you are as special as we do back in America!

    Miss you!!!

  3. I miss your funnies. I think I talk more like you when you're funny Nora lately, like an orphan missing her mommy. You still have someone who depds on your hardcore here and misses you a wee bit too much. Can you be home and having a sleepover w me yet??!!!

    Soso SO proud of you,