Friday, March 12, 2010

When the Water Runs Dry

Ironically, whenever it rains heavily, our water runs out. I’m not sure the 5 W’s or how, but whenever we get a big rain storm, the next morning it’s no showers, drinking water, or anything. I really don’t understand the mechanics of it, but as I’m in the rainy season, it’s happening a lot. It rains everyday, sometimes for a short while, sometimes all night, it depends. But running out of water while it rains? If anyone can explain this to me, that would be fantastic.

The thing is it’s not as bad as you think (though, for some of you reading this, it would be as bad as you think). Yes, not washing my face is annoying, but a couple days with not showering, or sometimes a bucket shower, not the end of the world. It cuts down on my morning routine, and, if my water is out, the other volunteer’s usually have no water either, so it’s not like I’m the gross one at work. I’ve also gotten used to my brown feet (from my dirt road) that simply cannot be cleaned and look like I used sunless tanner – I hope you all still accept me.

The only time it’s really inconvenient is when it goes out after I’ve been at the orphanage. The kids spit, sneeze, cough, use my shirt as a tissue, pee, etc. on me – actually, I’m pretty sure someone pooped on me last Wednesday - so a nice shower after that is preferable. But usually it’s a wonkadoo and a change of clothes after that and everyone around me dealing with the scent of urine. I swear I’m making friends.

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