Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quick Note

This is just a quick side note for everyone. And by everyone, I really mean my family, who, among a few interested friends, are probably the only people that read this blog - because you all have to love me, even though I dropped the bomb I was moving to Rwanda on Thanksgiving, almost ruining the holiday for everyone and then threatened to bring back a baby. But it's family, right? So many of you (again, family members) have offered to send me packages, which is incredibly nice since it's such a long way! But, it takes about 6 weeks or so, and I'm only here for another month - so don't waste the postage, which I'm sure it outrageous!

But thank you for all of your messages and emails! This experience can be incredibly emotionally draining at times, so it really makes all the difference to get quick notes from all of you - really more than you know.

So everyone please exhale, I'll be home in a mere 4 weeks.


  1. I hope these last few weeks are wonderful, Nora!

  2. FYI - I love you too!... and I am not family.

    Alsom Buster triumphantly returned to DC yesterday and is ready for auntie norm!!!