Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Best Day Ever

I got a package from my mom! And it was grand! After having a ridiculous morning at the Burundi embassy, I walked into work to find a large parcel from a far off land. And what pray tell did it contain? SO MANY TREATS. How many? Enough that I’m really sick writing this. How sick? Really, really sick. Why? Because I have no self control. Don’t you always get sick from eating too much candy? Yes. Where did you learn this behavior? My mom’s side of the family – you know who you are.

I’m giving most of it away to people here and my guard and such. Because good grief I have no self control and ate way too much of it.

AND in another grand moment, I had a hand-written letter from Erin McCaffrey (college roommate, for those confused). Having been in Africa, Erin clearly knew how much it means to get heart-felt notes – and how long it takes to get here.

I am overly happy still, even after realizing wow my body CANNOT handle that much foreignness. Soooo I guess that’s a no to fast food when I get home…

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