Thursday, March 10, 2011

Uruguay Part 2: A Day in Colonia

When I typed the title, I accidentally wrote Urugay. Oh come on Nora…

Due to visa issues and the need to do something other than BA while Caley visited, we decided to go to Uruguay. (typed gay again). After the Buquebus adventure, we arrived and said: whaaaat? Our tickets said SIN bus and surprisingly there was no car waiting to pick us up. So to the Thrifty we went. I didn’t bring my license because you know what? That’s not an issue in many countries (except the overburdening US). It wasn’t an issue in Bermuda when my sister and I naively tried to rent mopeds. If I had actually been able to drive in one circle without falling, then I could have driven it off the lot. But noooo Uruguay apparently requires a motorcycle license to get a moped. Fine.

So we all jumped into a golf cart to explore

I, like the 5 year old child I am, immediately had to eat and go to the bathroom. So after touring a bit, I soon forced the group (of 3 of us) to stop to eat.

(Though you may not believe it, I'm not actually going to the bathroom in this picture)

After, we hit a market and drove around some more. Next, like the 5 year old child I am, I insisted on stopping for ice cream. We hit the beach, saw the sites and climbed around a bit:

Jim even grew a mustache along the way:

And then we buqued our way back to our busboat and went home. Colonia is a fantastic day trip, especially in nice weather. There is a lot to explore, but I think one day is enough, as it’s not that big. If you want to get out of the city, I’d definitely recommend Colonia!

Photography Credit: Caley Bulinski

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