Monday, March 7, 2011

Uruguay Part 1: The Buquebus

I visited Colonia, Uruguay last week, so I’m making it a two-part blog post. Part one, which totally deservers its own post, is how we got there: Buquebus.

This three hour tour (no, really) took us from Buenos Aires to Colonia, rockin and rollin along the way (again, no, really). We had to get up early to make this a full day trip, which meant 7am wakeup call..ugh. After boarding the bus and getting seats, we realized hey they lean back, time to go to sleep! But no…Even though it was only 8am, the party did not stop in Buenos Aires.

To my annoyance, a band began to play Argentine hits. There was literally nowhere to go to escape the noise. It overpowered my earplugs that I carry with me everywhere (travel tip!). The dance floor filled, the (sort of clap) began, and the sound of requests filled the air. Did I mention it was 9am? You can take the Argentine’s out of the party but you can’t take the party out of the Argentine’s.

The way back, of course, was the same. In order to handle, we hit the bar and arcade. Yes, arcade. I was traveling with Caley, a Tetris champion. You can find her initials on the buquebus. The way back, unfortunately, was horrible unorganized, and we ended up arriving back in BsAs an hour late.

In the end, it’s an easy way to get from Argentina to Uruguay, it’s easy to buquebook and relatively quick. By the way, there was no bus in this whole process: Name Misleading.

Next Post: My Actual Trip (and pictures!)

I will also explain this picture.

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