Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Day in Tigre

A Day in Tigre A fantastic day trip to get out of the city is jumping on the 40 minute train to Tigre. This transport will cost you less than $1 US round trip – you heard me. You will probably have to stand the whole way, but it’s probably safer than those 15 Euro standing room flights Ryanair proposed (is that still an option?). So, off to the beautiful Tigre!

In Tigre, there is a market, boat rides, an amusement park (unsure when/if that’s open) and more to do. We arrived late in the day so opted for a stroll by the water.

And we consumed many, many licaudos, which I have recently become obsessed with in Argentina.

It was too late for a boat ride, so we just walked and sat and strolled and relaxed. The market didn’t offer much more than other Argentine markets, except puppies to adopt (which I have actually seen in other markets) and my broken heart left behind with them.

Moving on. Tigre is such a great, quick trip away from the city. I believe there is kayaking and such, but I did not partake because I forgot to wear sunscreen and wore a black dress. En serio? Yes. In sum, Tigre gets one big American thumbs up.


  1. You do have very big thumbs

  2. Be careful with those drinks...remember what happened when you ate too many maraschino cherries?