Monday, August 30, 2010

My Girl Wants to Party all the Time

Thank you to the very talented Eddie Murphy for that title. And wooooo – I’m still early-to mid-, ok mid-, twenties, so this post needed to happen. I’ve been many places and almost always enjoy the nightlife – which I do really believe is important to a true travel experience. While I love going out in every country, there are a couple of places where I recommend. Below are my favorite places to dance, dance, dance, dance.

Chaing Mai, Thailand – I didn’t spend that much time in Chaing Mai, but enough to realize this place is F-U-N central. My friend and I ended up bar-hoping a bit before we ended up at a club/bar/sit down place (sort of confusing) with a beer tower and a live band! I have no concept of time when I travel, so I don’t know how late we stayed out, but I do know getting up the next day to go on a 3 days trek through the mountains was not pleasant. But thanks for the good time and subsequent parasite, Chaing Mai!

Sydney, Australia – I couldn’t decide between Sydney and Melbourne, but since I spent way more time in Sydney, I had to go with this one. Where to begin? Sydney is a large city, with a laid back attitude, nice weather, and a thriving downtown scene. Be careful on dress code and not drinking too much before you get out – you will get denied at the door. And it will be awkward for you. There are so many different types of bars/clubs that anyone can find a spot they like.

Bujumbura, Burundi – WHAK? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Bujumbura is my kind of town. I raved about it in a post, but the nightlife is pretty crazy in Bujumbura. We ended up at a Havana-themed bar with a mix of locals and expats, grabbing some mandazi off the street (well, not like off the ground, but from someone, well a stranger who became a friend really after he sold me ‘Obama bubble gum’) and heading back to our hostel/motel. Great, energetic night that made me want to move there for a bit…which is still not off my ever-expanding table of dreams.

New York City, USA - I hate to admit it. I really do. But every time I go, I end up staying out really late, resolving that I will move there, ending up utterly exhausted and confused as to how it’s already light out, realizing I have to get on a 4-5 hour bus back to DC in a couple of hours, whining, thinking maybe the 2am bar close time in DC is for the best, getting on the subway that’s usually covered in vomit and urine at that point, remember how clean the DC metro is, wondering if I’m too old to stay out this late, convincing myself that I’m not, passing out in one of my friends Harry Potter closet-like apartments, running to catch my bus, sitting next to a stranger too exhausted to move while my head drifts towards their shoulder. You know it’s fun, I know it’s fun, enough said.

Honorable mention goes to New Orleans, LA where I had honestly one of the most fun nights of my life – thank you to karaoke and props at the infamous Cat’s Meow.

I’ve also been to Acapulco, Mexico on a college spring break. I was tempted to name it, but let’s be real, I was 19, about to start exams at Georgetown, with my friends in a party-centric location…that’s not real life, and I’d be way too embarrassed to put that on my list. Ok I’ve been there twice.

And, oddly enough, I’m writing this on a Friday night.


  1. You're posts always seem to make me laugh... or smile at least because some of them can be pretty solemn (not that I mind). Where to next lady?

  2. I believe you left Rhinos off this list... AND I would say that Acapulco had some pretty awesome dancing nights...