Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ndakunda urwanda

I don’t think I have an all encompassing post on this, but, as many of you know, I’d be perfectly happy packing up my life, moving back to Rwanda and growing old there. Why?...Is what most people say. And that is frustrating. I didn’t have any visitors in Rwanda (woe is me), and I know it’s a long trip, but I’ve teased out moving to South America, and I already have my friend’s cousin’s ex-boyfriend’s kinda friend’s twin willing to visit me there. No one came to Africa, so shame, shame on all of you. Here are the top 5 things you missed:

1. Tourist attractions. Gorillas, birds, monkeys, oh my! Really though, Gorillas in the Mist was in Rwanda. If you want to see them, go there – not to mention they have some intense birds and golden monkeys. Want to trek a volcano? Me neither, but you could in Rwanda!

2. Safety! Rwanda is regarded as the safest East and Central African country. Move over Uganda, Tanzania, DRC.…well, I’m assuming you’ve already moved to the corner of the room – Rwanda is like living in candyland compared to its western neighbor. I felt perfectly comfortable traveling alone in Rwanda – just as safe as I do in Washington, DC.

3. Fun. And everyone hates missing fun. Whatever you consider fun, Rwanda has it: clubs, bars, brochettes, adventure, hiking, trekking, motorcycles, children, a love of Obama, languages, difficult languages, easier languages, hills, motos to avoid walking the hills, and on and on.

4. A Lake. Oh you think you can find a lake just anywhere?! What about a lake with methane gas underneath it? Yeah, didn’t think so. Lake Kivu is beautiful! There are many places to go on the lake, with beaches and amazing views.

5. Amazing People. I met the most amazing people in the world in Rwanda. To go on from where they came from is incredible, the courage and strength that Rwandans have goes unmatched in any other country I’ve ever been to.

So while you think about traveling this fall, maybe consider a fun, yet safe, lake for tourists where amazing people linger.

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