Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Am I THAT Girl?

No, not that girl. But, I’m that girl that my friends have lately been coming to for travel plans. I’m not sure what it is – maybe that I write about traveling, only talk about traveling, just sit in a group of people waiting for someone to bring up traveling – you be the judge. This conversation happened last week with my future doctor friend Lizzie:

Lizzie: lets plan a week vacation during my winter break

Me: hahha im in!

where to lady?

Lizzie: wherever your traveling heart wants to!

Me: hahahha ok!

costa rica is quite cheap lately

Lizzie: alright lets go!

i have 3 weeks off around christmas

Me: well i wont know for a bit, but you know that ill go anywhere

Lizzie: i know!

thats why i knew to ask you

My friend Laura recently thought to do a round-the-world trip (I KNOW!):

Laura: haha and i thought immediately of you

b/c a) you would love it

and b) you would actually do it

Does this mean I’m reckless? Does this mean I’m not planning for my future? Does this mean I’d stop climbing that corporate ladder for a plane ticket? Again, you be the judge. If I actually went on all the trips I’m planning, I would be in Panama/Colombia in October, Costa Rica in December, rtw from January to next September, back to Rwanda for the inauguration, London in November, moving to Australia with my old Aussie roommate in October, and the list goes on. Have I mentioned that I haven’t even been back to Buffalo (home) since last Thanksgiving?

Anyway, really it comes down to whatever friend grabs me during my most wanderlust moment, causing me to panic (a la my TravelZoo emails) and just book a flight. And then, what’s done is done and I’m off.


  1. take all the trips. take me with you on all the trips.

  2. You know what it is? When you do something insane (bungee jumping, college parties, getting tattoos or piercings, traveling the world), it always feels better when you have an equally insane partner-in-crime to remind you that you're not crazy. You, as I've experienced first hand, make an excellent partner-in-crime.