Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TravelZoo - You're a Real Jerk

I don’t need this! Yeah, I signed up for you, which makes Wednesdays very difficult. I get a weekly email about fabulous travel deals, but I know it’s coming. Wednesday about mid-day, hold strong Nora. But this? I got this one on a Tuesday:

I was just sitting there minding my own business/other people’s business since I work in PR, and I get a what should have been innocent email. I click over to my Gmail and NEWSFLASH! Panic, read quickly, read quickly. All I see if 50% off, Mexico, travel deal, click here, next thing I know I’m planning dates and scanning my friends to see who is the best one to invite. Next I start calculating if I have enough to just book it on my credit card and find someone later.

Finally, when I rip myself ruthlessly out of the haze, I completely shut down Mozilla, close my eyes, breathe and go back to work.

Also, I must have clicked that I live in DC, because the special always leaves from there. Or...do they just know. I’m sure there are some settings I can change, but going on the site, finding my settings, changing them…I’m just not that kinda girl.

And I can’t not get the emails. I just can’t. Because what if one day it’s a free trip? Or what if they run a special to Kigali? Or what if one day the email reads: Nora Leary we are sending you somewhere great, just because you’re you. I simply can’t take that chance.

Anyway, it’s a great deal – sign up here: TravelZoo. But you are warned.

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  1. Travelzoo, you're a jerk! Yeah... a jerk! I saw the same deal and almost clicked "book" immediately. I hope you know who is writing this comment, Norm!