Friday, July 15, 2011

A Magical Land

I’ve mentioned the fantastic trip that I went on with my parents in April. We went to the falls, Rio and the Amazon. This post will discuss the magical land that is Rio de Janeiro. Even writing this post, I’m smiling and wishfully dreaming of being back there.

We went to Rio in the middle of the trip, and the first day did the sights (the Christ, Sugarloaf, a villa). Everywhere you looked, and I mean everywhere, there was an amazingly beautiful view! Everywhere! You can’t go anywhere and escape a beautiful landscape. It boggles my mind to think about how much crime and corruption the city has, because it is just so beautiful!
While enjoying breakfast outside, my dad, who speaks no Portuguese or Spanish, in all seriousness said, “What if we just bought a place here?!” Naturally, my mom and I giddy from the splendor ignored all things wrong with that thought and eagerly agreed.

Even through our tiredness (and stomach issues that plagued both my mom and me – TMI? Too bad.), we managed to thoroughly enjoy this city. The second day lying on the beach then on our balconies cemented in my mind how much I wish I spoke Portuguese so I could move there. Don’t test me.

A mere two days in this city was all it took to propel it into one of my top 3 favorite cities. I ended up being stranded in Sao Paulo for a day, but it paled in comparison to Rio. Really, you can’t beat mountains, city, beach.

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