Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'll Be Back.

Where have I gone? Apparently I lost my muse, which begs the question: Did I ever really have it at all? (I hope you're laughing.)

Well after months of not writing, I decided to get back into the game. I have students on vacation which means less teaching time, which means less income, which means less going out, which means more time sitting at home alone in my sweatpants writing to you all, if you're still out there.

While home at my brother's graduation party, I had many people ask what happened to Nora the Explorer? All of these people, and I mean all, were either family or family friends who lovingly read my blog, keeping up with my antics, mood swings, rants, and sometimes (like this post) incomprehensible ramblings. But surprisingly, there are people out there that miss this. So, thanks to my extremely large and loving family, I am going back to blogging!

Oh, and for all who think I hate America because I don't live there, harumph - I had a 4th of July themed birthday party to celebrate the wonderful country from which I come.

Special thanks to my mom for the headbands and my aunts who reminded me to shop around at the dollar stores in Buffalo, because they really all have different things.

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