Monday, February 8, 2010

The Rwandan Nightlife

I know you were all waiting for this one. I went out to a Rwandan club this weekend. And it was faaaaantastic. The new volunteer Tim (he’s a kiwi for a little background) got here this weekend and already has made a Rwandan mafia of friends that I have leached on to. The day started extremely somber as we visited the genocide memorial. It was as hard as you would think it would be, if not worse. After laying around the rest of the day (because really what else do you do after that), eating brochettes and drinking Primus – tough life, right?-, we hit up a local bar before going out. After that, we went to Car Wash.

The best part about Car Wash is not only is it a nightclub, but it’s a fully functioning car wash by day. Talk about efficient, Rwanda! Due to the rain, the crowd was mostly dispersed, but that doesn’t mean a dance party didn’t ensue after a couple muzungu song requests were made to the DJ. More Primus and dancing later, we, of course, motoed back home. Motos are by no means expensive, but what bothers me is that I’m convinced that I can fit on one with another person. After forcing Tim to request in French that the moto driver let both of us on one and naturally getting denied, I sulked onto my own moto for the fun drive home. Maybe it’s my Africa skinnyness, but I know I can fit two people on one. I think it’s a law that you can’t, but one day. One. day. In sum: I will be frequenting a Rwandan club every weekend I don’t travel. Watch out Kigali.


  1. Nory! I just got a new phone and urs is the first website I've visited plus it takes me about 20 min to type anything on here so I've sort of gotta cut this shorter than I would normally but I love that u are bargaining and being just as feisty as usual! And going to clubs and making friends! Ok what's a kiwi ? And how are u speaking so many languages ? Ur amazing I'm impressed! and I'm really glad ur students are so nice and appreciative! It really does make work so much easier I'm so happy for u. ok love u tons . talk to u soon!

  2. Outside the city the moto drivers prefer to put 2 people on one moto :) Come visit and you'll have the chance.. though there's no way I'm riding with you!
    Also, I gotta check out this Car Wash place!!!