Monday, February 22, 2010

The Orphanage

I have an addiction. I’ve been going to a local orphanage to volunteer with kids – they’re about three years old. Not only do I look forward to going, but afterwards, I am in such a low, just missing them. But once I walk back through those gates, I feel better! It’s an incurable addiction that’s making me want to be a single mother in DC. Rest assured, adoption laws are insane, and I’m not sure my 23 year old maturity and finances would make it past screening #1. Otherwise, I’d be bringing home an addition to the family.

I literally walk through the doors and have crowds of children cheering and running towards me. I obviously melt at this point, and pick up two in my arms. All the children want is to be held and hugged. They fight over my attention, and it’s hard to tell them not to hit each other when a nun sits in a corner with a stick, used for discipline. Since there are so many of them, they really just want individual attention, so get jealous when they have to share my lap with other kids – I can usually fit three of them on my lap, one jumping on my back, and two hanging on my legs.

I have a little favorite. He sits and waits patiently when I’m holding other kids, just waiting by my side until my lap is free. A lot of the kids cry when I put them down after holding them, but he doesn’t – he just sits and waits his turn. He even gave up the prized seat of on my lap, closest to my body, when a little girl was crying. It really is taking all of my strength not to smuggle him out and into my DC house (which does have a sun porch mind you). I guess I just have to settle for twice a week hugs.

In sum: PLEASE ADOPT! These kids are so adorable and amazing and really deserve great homes! And thanks to everyone who has adopted and to my fantastic friends who plan to do so!

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  1. Aww Nora, this is so sweet. I can totally picture you with all these kids around you. If you can get a picture of the lil sweetie post it!!!!