Monday, February 15, 2010


In an ironic twist of fate, no sooner did I write the food non-sick blog post, but the time bomb exploded: I got sick this weekend. I had a pretty good run, no sickness for a whole month - that’s longer than I last in the States. I will spare you all the details but know it wasn’t pleasant. Here’s a glimpse at my day:

I woke up around 7am, ready to train my graduates. In pain, I went into work, but was soon sent home as apparently I looked “green”. Back to bed I went, and I woke back up in the afternoon still in pain.

Thinking I needed a malaria test (and how many times in life can you really say that), I rose from my bed slowly only to discover I was too weak to walk. In a very theatrical movement, I properly dressed myself, but I was too hot to wear a t-shirt or sweater, so out the door I went in a tank top. Gasp. (In Rwanda, people dress very conservatively, no thighs or knees, sleeveless being just ok). I got more than my fair share of stares in my long skirt and tank, moto drivers stopping to gape. It dramatically began to rain on my way to the clinic, and as soon as I got there, I realized it was closed. Fighting back the tears, I sickly made my way back to bed for a unisom-induced 14 hours of sleep. Afterwards, I awoke feeling better, and after a dose of cipro I felt much better.

How did I get sick? Well, well, well it wasn’t the food. Apparently one of my roommates didn’t think to filter the water properly. So I was poisoned (and how many times in life can you really say that).


  1. We all know it was just a matter of time. I'm sure you had the dealiest form of malaria and barely survived your ordeal ..... But perhaps a slight touch of hypochodria is good to have over there!

    I hope you're having a great time and it sounds like the kids really appreciate the work you are doing for them. That is amazing when all I have to compare It with is the reaction I get from my volunteering in the US. I think you should provide your readers with a language lesson so we can learn the really important phrases like: "another drink please", " where is the bar?, this round is on me" and "where is the hospital? I think my friend dying from alcohol poisoning."

    Stay safe but forget that if it gets in the way of having fun!

  2. Nory!! Oh no! I'm so sad u were sick! But don't worry I am probably in a similar state as it is the end of mardi gras and as u know I was already at a parade by 7:30 am. But I hope u are feeling better, I'm sure I will be soon or at least I'll put on a happy face for work tomorrow! Haha! I missed u this year and can't wait till 2011! Erin tells me ur gonna come!!!! Yay!! Miss u tons love!