Wednesday, January 20, 2010

By The Way...

Holy hills. I am so sore from walking around, which I'm forced to do to get anywhere. I am coming back in amazing shape. And this isn't one of those times when I say I'm going to work out, three months later actually work out for one day, and then talk about it for the next three months. This is real. So watch out DC...

Disclosure: Please stop reading if me being here keeps you up at night (read: MOM, all of my aunts, and definitely you Meg)

A note on the motos (motorcycle taxis):

They drive so close to me. And not close like I could reach out and high five them, close like I could give the driver and passenger a straight guy chest bump. It's not that I don't stick out, because believe it when I say I'm easily spotted here, it's just how they drive. I haven't ridden one yet, though they are the best way to get around (and very safe, I'm sure you're all convinced). I mostly haven't ridden one because apparently it's strange to hang on to the driver - you're supposed to hold onto the back. BUT there is no way I'm getting on one without back hugging my driver, so I should probably make some Rwandan friends fast, so they can explain why the muzungu has completely wrapped herself around the driver and cries for most of the ride. More to come on that..


  1. You? Sore? Never seen that before.

  2. Norm!

    Thanks for keeping us updated!

    I miss you - I'm excited about all that you'll be doing. I promise to get into better shape so I can keep up with the new you!

  3. Well, I kept reading and I am scared for you. But when I was in Rome, I was scared of the mopeds at first too -- you basically have to weave in between them to cross the street. I know you'll be safe. Love you!

  4. I second what Hayes says! But so awesome. I can't wait to hear about how everything goes once you meet everyone and start having more interactions with the students. You just have to keep working hard and you can do it... remember why you are there and think about what an amazing thing you are doing my friend!

    And now that I'm an MBA student, I can help you out with the business aspects! ;)