Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's a Rwanda?

Rwanda is a landlocked African country the size of Maryland that is bordered by Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and the Congo. Most of you will unfortunately recognize the country by the 1994 genocide that claimed almost one million lives in 100 days. Most of us don't remember the genocide when it took place because the international community completely ignored and trivialized the situation...or, like me, you were 8 years old and couldn't believe that a former Buffalo Bills player was on trial for murder. The OJ Simpson trial completely overtook the news at the time, pushing the news of a million deaths to the back pages of newspapers. What is key to remember is: the genocide is NOT still happening. Rwanda is now a safe and forward thinking country. Crime and corruption are extremely low in the country, and Rwanda continues to receive foreign investments to build up the country and lessen its reliance on foreign aid. Bill Clinton continually praises Rwanda for its success in the past 15 years.

Rwanda has become a great place to do business, and their tourism sector continues to grow. Yes, I said tourism. Ever see Gorillas in the Mist? Well those gorillas can be found in Rwanda! Visitors can view these gorillas, not to mention the beautiful landscape and numerous genocide memorial sites that the country has set up to remember the past. So, if anyone wants to visit...I can plan a pretty great trip.

If you want your own taste of Rwanda go to Starbucks to try their coffee or go to Macy's to buy one of their handmade baskets!


  1. Nora... I had no idea you were doing this! I think it is great and you will be such an asset to these kids! Congratulations and keep us posted on your adventures! Way to go!! Love,
    Ann M.

  2. I am so proud to call you my best friend. Not only for the fact that you are doing this or that you are the kind of person who would care enough about others to sacrifice your life here and move there to help out, but you sound so eloquent, intelligent, and simply incredible in these posts. I am SO proud to call you my best friend.

  3. Rwanda is the size of Maryland? And it still causes all that trouble? Craaazy.