Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

After 36 hours of travel, followed by 15 hours of sleep, I had quite possibly the tamest new years. But, it was FANTASTIC!! We had no expectations, and it turned out great! We actually laid around the apartment until about 11:30 (luckily my roommate had a friend in town, so there were 3 of us not a lonely 2) when we popped a $4 bottle of pink champagne.

Then we heard what could have only been gunshots. We rushed to the window to discover the incredibly loud booming noise was our neighbors setting off fireworks. YAY, no rules!! We rushed to the roof and saw literally a 360 view of fireworks being set off all over the city. It was incredible!! Our neighbors were setting them off on the next roof over, so they were really close. How close? The ashes were falling on us close. It was great!

After watching an episode of 90210 (old version), we all went to bed by 2-3am. Great night!!

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